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What is Rudraksha ?

The bead of rudraksha [elaeocarpus ganitrus] is dried herbal nut stone (endocarp) of the fruit of Rudraksha tree.

Rudraksha seeds are covered with a blue outer husk when fully ripe and are also known as blueberry beads. The beautiful blue colour is not derived from pigment but is structural.

Rudraksha seeds exhibit pharmacological properties that include anti-inflammatoryanalgesic, sedative, antidepressantanti-asthmatichypoglycemicantihypertensive, smooth muscle relaxant, hydrocholeretic, antiulcerogenic, and anticonvulsant. The Elaeocarpus ganitrus is an inhabitant shrub that has a good rich history of traditional uses in medicine.

Anti Bacterial & Anti-Viral

An effective safeguard against all viral and bacterial infections.

Anti-Fungal & Anti- Protozoal

A potent safeguard against all pathogenic fungi infections and parasitic protozoa.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Effective against the prevention of cancer. (Sathyanarayana Swamy K.2000)

Health Benefits in Rudraksha

Cardiac Stimulant

It protects heart from depression and hence serves as cardiac booster.

Anti Cholestrol

It checks the higher level of fats(lipids) in the blood which protects us from cardiovascular diseases.

Immunity Enhancer

As a source of Vitamin-C, it maximises the immunity of the body.

What is Rudraksha Therapy Bottle?

In ancient times, rudraksha water therapy is a very effective therapy for different diseases without medicines.

The rudraksha seed exchanges ions in water which helps in controlling blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol level when drank on daily basis. 

The benefits of  Rudraksha Therapy Bottle : 

1. Helps detoxify your body through sweats and urine.

2. Helps maintain body temperature.

3. Helps Control Blood Pressure, Sugar, Acidity, Cancer, Hypertension, and Cholesterol.


Yes, it is. The bottle is made of food-safe glass

It definitely is! Basically its the normal drinking water infused with the magical beads called Rudraksha to give you multiple health benefits.

It’s very simple. 

Wash the bottle and rudraksha, fill up the bottle and leave it overnight. 

Drink it the 1st thing in the morning with empty stomach. You may fill up more water for the whole day consumptions.

It’s best to wash on daily basis with running tap water or lukewarm water with the given complimentary brush.

NO! Any chemical substances will alter or nullify the effect of the natural beads of Rudraksha. Just plain water will do.

For best results, it is advisable change the Rudraksha Beads every 60 days. That is why we are giving you extra 9 beads. 

You can always contact us to replenish the supply of the Rudraksha beads with a guaranteed low price for our loyal customer.